Himalaya on a Bullet

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Himalaya on a Bullet

What can we say? Just watch the video for an adventure ride.


High up in the Himalayas, life is very different, the faces and places we encountered were unlike anywhere else on earth. We are now part of a small group of adventurers who have tackled this route, as we know, the Himalayas are not for the faint-hearted, the mountains sheer magnitude is a test in itself, add to that the high altitudes, unpredictable weather, the risk of landslides, sheer drops, roads that are mud, water and sand, sudden border closures and route changes and you realise why this is one of the most challenging motorbike adventures on the planet. I rode with adventurepeople.in

It seemed that the harder the day the bigger the smiles, and at night wherever we rested our tired and often bruised bodies, we shared our many tales of the day’s ride with a drink or two.

We can now all claim to have riden the highest road in the world (18,340ft), we wound our way up into the mountains, through remote valleys, over beautiful desolate high passes and through the pristine and remote ranges of the India/Tibet border. We slept in tents by huge mountain lakes and under awe-inspiring snow clad peaks.


Himalaya on a Bullet from Iain Crockart on Vimeo.


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