Hodaka Super Rat

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Hodaka Super Rat

Found this nice write up on Hodaka Motorcycles Click Here to read it all.

Does anyone else remember Hodaka motorcycles? I actually had an Hodaka Dirt Squirt 100 as a teenager around 1980 that I bought used.   I sometimes think back to those fun days of riding dirt bikes with my friends.  Them on their Hondas and Kawasakis and me on my Hodaka.  I even wore a Hodaka t-shirt that made me feel like a real pro.

We all used to laugh at the name of my bike, the Dirt Squirt, but that wasn’t the funniest model name Hodaka used, nor was it the strangest.  What dirt bike rider wouldn’t aspire to own a Combat Wombat?  When your riding a Dirt Squirt, believe me, the Combat Wombat sounded pretty darn exciting, and maybe a little weird too.

Out of all Hodaka weird model names, I have to give the prize to the marketing geniuses that actually approved the Hodaka model name Road Toad. They sure picked a name that would get attention, but what in the world were they thinking? It’s almost like they said, let’s face it, this thing is a real piece of junk, so let’s just give it a name that tells it like it is! It was not a piece of junk at all, but it sounded that way. Well, these are actually quite collectible now.

A brief history of Hodaka motorcycles is a story of a company that was part American and part Japanese and started out in 1964. Shell Oil was involved with Hodaka via their trading company, Pabatco. Pabatco was behind Hodaka until 1978 when things really fell apart. Hodaka eventually went bankrupt and shut down production in 1980.


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