Jim Pomeroy International motocross champion

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Jim Pomeroy International motocross champion

Jim Pomeroy

Jim Pomeroy is a true motocross legend and superstar even though many of today’s riders may not even know who he is. He was the
first American to win a European GP race way back in 1973. To go to Europe and win his very first GP shocked the world as the best MX riders were in Europe and not the United States. He was also the winner of the first indoor race (kind of a Supercross) back in 1974 in Houston, TX.
If you grew up racing in the 70’s or even the 1980’s you knew who Jim Pomeroy was. Heck, he might have been the first person to ever do a ‘cross up’! Check out the photo!

Jim Pomeroy Motocross Champion

Jim Pomeroy Motocross Champion

If you want to read more about Jim Pomeroy Click the link.

From the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

 Born November 16, 1952 in Sunnyside, Washington, Jim Pomeroy was blessed with a number of factors that contributed to his success. His father, Don Pomeroy, was a very successful racer in the late 1950s and ’60s. Motorcycle racing was a family affair for the Pomeroys. Jim, his younger brother Ron, sister Debbie and mother were all involved in motorcycling.

Starting with his first bike, a Yamaguchi 55, and progressing through a Yamaha 80, 100 and then DT1 250, young Jim raced flat track, hillclimbs, motocross and hare scrambles events. The Pomeroy family competed at just about any local motorcycle event, including field meets.

Pomeroy grew up immersed in motorcycling and racing. However, winning didn’t come easily during the early part of his racing career. As a pre-teen competing against men, he always seemed to finish in the first non-trophy position. All this changed one day when Don Pomeroy decided to secretly buy his son a trophy to make up for Jim consistently “almost” winning a trophy. (This was a fact Jim Pomeroy only discovered much later as an adult.) The joy of winning the trophy seemed to be all Jim needed to suddenly start winning the races against the older riders.

Winning soon became second nature. By age 13, Pomeroy had amassed a large collection of trophies. And he kept on winning in flat track, motocross, hillclimb and even snowmobiles. Pomeroy’s popularity soon spread out from the central Washington region to other parts of the Pacific Northwest and Canada and he began receiving offers to ride for other people. Unable to ride Pro in the United States, due to the AMA age requirement of 18, Pomeroy headed up to Canada where the age requirement was only 16. He won the Western Canadian Championship, the Manitoba Championship as well as several regional championships.

In November of 1970, Pomeroy finally turned 18 and was able to participate in AMA pro races. His first AMA pro race was a Trans-AMA 250cc support race at Puyallup, Washington, where he finished sixth overall.

Read the rest of the story by clicking the link above. Jim was a trailblazer and helped American Motocross get started. For those of us that remember his as a racer his name will always be associated with speed and style! Jim died in 2006 in a Jeep crash.



Tracey says:

Pomeroy was critical to the success of American Motocross. He proved we could ride with the best in the world and win!


Watched him race back in the day, bad ass dude.

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