LaRocco’s Leap Red Bud 2012 James Stewart

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LaRocco’s Leap Red Bud 2012 James Stewart

Very Cool – LaRocco’s Leap is HUGE! Now if we can find footage of Blake Baggett doing it on the 250 we will post it.

Here is some history on Red Bud Motocross Track from

RedBud MX in Buchanan, MI. Named after the many RedBud trees that grow in the area, the venue is the largest race of the year, and carries the reputation of drawing some of the most, ahem, enthusiastic fans of the series. Of course, in addition to all of the excitement that is always generated off the track on a RedBud race weekend, there’s also been some pretty good races there, too. Let’s dive number plate first into the Racer X Vault and take a look at the results from some of the most memorable races in this historic venue’s history.

The first National at RedBud took place in 1974. Ken Zahrt won the 250 race on a Bultaco, while Mike Hartwig topped the 500 class on a Yamaha.

In 1986, Ricky Johnson’s first year with Honda, Johnson had what he describes as one his best battles ever at RedBud. In the 500 class, he took fourth in the first moto behind Johnny O’Mara, David Bailey and Jeff Ward, then made a few changes and won the second moto to take the overall.

Despite being the local favorite (so much so that even the track’s signature jump is named after him), Mike LaRocco has never won an overall at RedBud.


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