Riding in the Rain

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Riding in the Rain

It is fun but be careful riding in the rain on wet roads.

This is a story about riding in the rain from the person who took the picture;

Riding in the Rain, originally uploaded by Burnszilla.

Three years ago when I walked into the office with my wet gear on co-workers would say, “Did you ride in today?”
“No, I walked here in my motorcycle gear.” Now they don’t say anything. They just think I’m crazy. Riding in the rain is not crazy if done correctly. Actually I find it quite relaxing, because you have to ride as smooth as possible.

I learned the hard way a few years ago as I approached a down hill traffic light in Seattle in the rain with a fully loaded K75S. I forgot to stay out of the center of the lane where an oil patch accumulates from cars leaking. I slid down the hill and used all of my skill to try and keep the bike up, but gravity won. At a low speed I dropped the bike on the right side. Two guys on the corner came over to help me lift it back up. The fairing and signal light were smashed. The most painful part of that trip was riding home and looking down at my damaged bike. I now stay in the right or left tire tracks part of the lane and watch out for slicker than snot oil patches, road paint and manhole covers.

I believe that all motorcyclists should ride in the rain to practice the skill and become confident at it. If you are on a long motorcycle trip, you have no control over the weather. Are you going to stay in your motel in Willits for the rest of the vacation and wait for the rain to pass? I sure wouldn’t. Some people don’t want to ride in the rain because it dirties the bike. On the other hand, I think it’s a great way to wash your bike.
Get out there, ride in the rain.

When you’re driving in your car or truck, you’re protected from the rain. When you’re riding a motorcycle, you’re exposed to the elements. However, motorcycles do offer some advantages in wet weather. They provide a superior view of the road, easy maneuverability, and more escape routes from any potentially dangerous situations.

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Keith says:

I have ridden my dirt bike in the rain many times. Nothing better than wet sand to ride in! Like fresh powder when skiing.

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